Time for Some Schooling

By now you have all heard how Borgstrom ramrodded the Conditional Use Permit and the variance request for the old school through Planning and Zoning.  I have heard the word “bully” used several times in connection with this.  Folks, that is just plain sad! An elected official representing not only us, but the city.  The name “Kasson” is now joked about around the water coolers in offices all over SE Minnesota.  This is really sad.


Let’s take a step back and cover a few things, first.  So, I read a letter to the editor which said it isn’t KARE who bought the old school, it is the 1918 Kasson School, LLLP who bought it.  Let’s be really clear here, YES, it is KARE.  The same people who made up KARE make up the LLLP.  They just added a few others who had spare change in their pockets.  Boil it all down and it is KARE.  Along with that, the LLLP is set up in a way that makes it hard for the average joe to figure out who all is an owner.  Is Coy Borgstrom an owner?  We know for sure his mom is.  Steve Johnson had invested.  He says he sold his investment.  How do we know for sure?  If those two still own shares, their votes would be illegal.  We should see paperwork.  Speaking of Borgstrom and his mom, there is a perception that he is doing this because of Mom.  That perception is almost enough that he should abstain.  Nope!  Not Coy.  He made the motion to pass the Conditional Use Permit!  Did anyone else see the puppet strings working there?  That’s right, they were connected right to Mom’s apron strings.


Let me add something else here.  You need to make sure you understand this next point.  This had NOTHING to do with saving the old school.  That’s right, it has NOTHING to do with saving that building. This is about a small group (KARE) wanting to make a point that they can do this.  The vast majority of Kasson residents did not want this building saved.  The vast majority understood what they were voting on all those years ago when they voted to not approve spending the money on this building.  KARE wants to prove they can do this.  My proof for this?  Look 2 miles to the north.  The old school in Mantorville came down last summer without a single letter to the editor, without a single sign in a yard, without anyone standing around with a t-shirt on.  NO ONE CARED!!!  The old school in Mantorville was arguably more architecturally intriguing. It was a really fun building to look at.  NO ONE CARED when it came down.  Now if KARE was all about saving “historic” buildings, wouldn’t they have raised a ruckus about this?  Wouldn’t they have at least written a letter to the editor?  Where were Flo and Joe when this was happening?  Nothing. It wouldn’t have mattered what went into the Kasson school.  These folks don’t care.  If someone came along with the money and wanted to put a brothel in there, they would have sold. They just want to make a point.


So, this company from Kansas is going to put low-income housing in there contingent on them getting federal grants.  How much are the feds going to give them?  I remember when the city was dealing with this, I thought they said it would take 10 million dollars to rehab the building.  10 MILLION!!  Everyone tells me construction costs are going higher and higher.  What will it cost later this year or next year?  I just don’t see the federal government handing over $10 million.  If they don’t get the full 10 mill, what happens? Do they move forward?  Rent some of the apartments to regular folks?  Imagine what that rent would be!


Want to know what this building will look like in a few years?  Drive by the old city hall on Main Street.  All the junk stacked up outside that place?  There is only one person living there.  Multiply that by 90 and think about what will happen.  Reality folks!  It ain’t pretty.


A commenter asked what can be done?  Can we ask council members to step down? ABSOLUTELY!  I think that should be the next step.  At the next council meeting someone needs to stand up and tell Coy Borstrom he is no longer representing the interests of the majority and the best thing would be if he would resign.  He needs to be put on notice that we will not take this anymore!  What ever Mom wants is not what the rest of the community wants.  It is time to STOP!


Have you been reading the Post Bulletin lately?  Two more businesses are opening their doors in Byron. One of the business owners was even quoted as saying several of his employees live in Kasson and he looked at both communities.  Yes, he looked.  He heard what was happening in Kasson, and he decided to spend his dollars in Byron.


Why am I so worried????



3 thoughts on “Time for Some Schooling

  1. I do not oppose the reuse of the old school and I am not a critic of the project. What I do oppose are the actions of our Zoning Administrator. He told us that by law we have to allow this property to be used as apartments. But then by his actions we find out that the same law we have to follow, the developer can ignore. We have to follow the rules of the law but the developer does not. The developer can be granted a variance to fit his needs. Why does he need a variance? So he can cram as many apartments into that block as the property will hold. There is no hardship or practical difficulty facing the developer that warrants a variance. The only reason he wants the rule waived is the more people he can squeeze into these buildings the more money he makes. I became upset at the council meeting because the developer lied to the council and stated that his plan met our code. It does not meet the code unless the city ignores the zoning rules to make his plan work. He gets the money, we get the problems.

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  2. I would have preferred to see the building demolished with the entire KARE team inside. And maybe we could also include the city officials who helped the city of Kasson assume ownership of this building without having any guaranteed funds to fix it up.


  3. Please, Please, Please write one more post regarding the abrupt elimination of the supervisor’s position……


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