Thank You

Yes, I realize it has been a long while since I posted.  I was worried people weren’t paying attention to what was going on.  I saw on TV last night that people are, indeed, paying attention!  It looks like it was a packed house at the Train Station (city hall) last night.  This is a good thing!  Maybe this will make the mayor and his side kicks wake up and realize this is NOT what people want.  What happened at the last council meeting and last night was a travesty.  Although, it verifies something I’ve been thinking about since January.  I firmly believe these three have a list and they are working their way down it.  Randy Lenth was obviously at the top of the list.  Next was the city engineer, now Tom Ricke.  I have a feeling we’ll be seeing the Police Chief and the Fire Chief getting axed next.  I don’t want to see it, but I am afraid.

First, let me get something off my chest here.  When did it become okay to wear hats and sleeveless t-shirts while sitting at the desk in the council chambers??  Talk about an unprofessional image!  There are enough people making fun of our city now and then the mayor shows up looking like he just finished changing oil on his lawn mower.  Have some pride in yourself and the position you hold!  No wonder people outside of Kasson think we are a bunch of hicks.

Okay, back to the council meeting on Wednesday night.  I’m thinking there were some things which occured which really smelled bad.  Adding the elimination of the Street Supervisor position to the agenda at the last minute was number one.  Doug Buck, who’s step-son works under Tom Ricke, making the motion to eliminate the position was number two, and then for number three you need to go watch the video.  You will see Buck, Borgstrom, and Johnson all looking at some paperwork. Those are the only three who have it.  It sure looks to me like they had met before hand and had all this worked out.  Borgstrom pulls some minutes from a meeting from last year and reads it.  He just happened to have that?  Come on!  This smells really, really bad!

So, they say they are doing this to save money.  So they save, what, $60,000?  Not even enough to fix one of our streets.  Speaking of which, I thought there was a plan to fix three streets this year.  What happened?  Have you driven around town?  Have you seen anything going on anywhere?  No, no projects going on what so ever.  Nothing.  Last year there was a flurry of activitiy.  This year, nothing.  Sad.  Could this be due to a lack of a city administrator?  Someone who would be keeping everything on schedule?

Go back to that video of the last council meeting.  Do you see how these three are so unprepared? They start talking about the SRO position with the Police Department.  They say they don’t like how much that costs.  Did anyone bother to call the Police Chief and ask some basic questions? Nope! They plow ahead until the Police Chief stands up and goes over the history of how the position came to be and low and behold, we find out the city is actually saving a half FTE with this arangement! The silence from those three is wonderful.  Borgstrom was also talking about the “terrible things going on at the fire hall.”  Eggler asks him if he talked to the Fire Chief.  All Borgstrom can say is, “Uh, no.”  Gee, why would you want to do that?  Because you might have to deal with the facts?  The facts can be so aggravating at times, cant’ they?

Back to the Streets Supervisor.  I called Randy Lenth late last fall to ask about some work I saw being done.  During that conversation he told me how the work I saw being done (By City Employees) would have previously been contracted out, but with Tom Ricke on staff, he had the knowledge and the ability to do it in-house. So, in effect, he was saving the city money.  Do we now have to go back to contracting that out?  Oh, yeah, back to the “Good old boy” network!  They can contract that out to the mayor’s good buddy, Scott Lampland and SL Contracting!  Back to “follow the money trail.”  Excuse me while I go throw up, I think I’m getting sick.

Hey, THANK YOU to everyone who turned out on Tuesday night.  It looked awesome on the news! Please turn out again Wednesday July 22 to let them know how you feel. Watch the videos, too.  You need to stay informed.


11 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Ulve does not work under Ricke but he is the guy that ran against him for the position.
    Ricke was hired so there would be no need to replace the public works director (an $88,000 per year position) when he retires. Now they have eliminated a $60,000 a year position so that they can fill the public work director position with one of their friends. The city of Kasson is losing a very good employee who is saving our city money with his knowledge and experience.


  2. Looks like I left Kasson just in time! I’m sorry for the people of Kasson who are coming out on the loosing end of this mess. I didn’t realize that was the mayor (not capitalized because he doesn’t deserve it) when I saw the guy in a sleeveless T and a hat, what happened to removing you hat when you walk into a building. I was appalled and embarrassed, I still consider Kasson home after being there 15+ years. Unite and get rid of those council members!


  3. Thank you for your comments. I held a position with the city for 28 years. I enjoyed going to work every day. This was because of the dedicated persons I worked with.


  4. Thank you for writing again as it’s more than warranted. It seems you may be a psychic. You successfully predicted Tom Ricke’s departure and the person who wanted it done and made the motions to do it. You pointed out some very strange occurances (them being prepared with paperwork and not heeding the advice of the other two members as well as the acting administrator). Does Mr. Borgstrom carry around the minutes from Tom Ricke’s hiring counsel meeting 24/7? Mr. Buck says in the meeting he added to the agenda last minute and fired Mr. Ricke “that he doesn’t realize that this is a major decision”. Really? Another hallmark of these 3 is extreme arrogance. Keep watching folks. Mr. Buck said in the same meeting that the next Public Works Director will have street and waste water experience. Does it take a psychic to figure out who he plans to champion. (For comparison purposes Byron just hired one and like most similar postings they want someone with civil engineering experience and vast computer knowledge as a primary qualification…..)


  5. Really? Needless to say I am disappointed. I really don’t mind reading your posts, I even find them informative to a point, but now we need to nit pick what our Mayor is wearing? You lost a lot of respect from me and I hope a lot of others. Stick with the facts and I can listen and form my own judgement. Start attacking what someone is wearing and it makes you look stupid, not our mayor. What someone wears does not define how someone can lead a city. Also I believe you are entitled to your opinion, but also know that there is a ton of support for our mayor and the council. After all they were voted in by this community. I feel for Mr. Rickie, I really do but I also believe our city needs to be run more like a business, and yes people unfortunately lose there jobs or companies downsize everyday. I think people are forgetting this. It is not always fun, but sometimes necessary. It is nice that so many people came out to support Mr. Rickie, and I wish him and his family well, but I really get tired of people thinking this is so awful. I have known all 3 of the council members and I can say that I don’t always agree with them, but saying they don’t care for this community is just plain silly. Stick to the facts and I will listen and sometimes I will agree and sometimes I won’t, but to get your point across stick to only that and let’s not become a bully because someone doesn’t have sleeves. C’mon man….you got to be better than that.


    1. I’m sorry but his manner of dress goes to show what little regard he has for other’s. A Council Meeting is just that a business meeting something he is being paid (probably not alot) to attend but no matter what self-respecting business man would appear at a meeting like dressed like that? Yes majority did elect them based on promises of leading the city better kinda like the Presidential election, how many are rethinking that? Love Kasson but glad I’m not living there anymore. Praying for the best outcomes.


  6. Silly – I am going to respectfully disagree with you on all your points. As an elected representative, it is role to represent the city and its electorate. You are conducting serious business. What a person wears while conducting this business and representing the city is a direct reflection on the respect you have for the position as well as the message it sends to your electorate. As an elected city council person, you need to conduct and represent yourself with the utmost respect. Not making an effort in this area shows you have little to no respect for the position or recognize the importance of your role. In the area of running the city as a business. Sure. Thats true to a point. As a successful business person, you would also know that you can’t cut your way to efficiency. Strategic investments must be made including those in human resources. Management exists for a reason and this is to create synergy, coordination, culture, and of course, a central point of management. Can you tell me one successful business that has eliminated all layers management and cut its way to profitability with long term survival? I didn’t think so. In addition, as executives for the city, I would imagine they have 5 year strategic plan for their actions and how this will work for the city long term? Hmmm…maybe not… These are short-sighted actions by inexperienced council people motivated by personal vendettas. The Post-Bulletin was right. This is exactly how government is not supposed to work.


  7. Buster, yes you make some very good points. I agree with some of what you saying. I was trying to make a point of sticking to the issues. A sleeveless shirt is not an issue, at least not to me. Everyone had lives outside of work. I guess I am just not as offended by it. Like I said you make a ton of good points. My point is this stuff happens. Not just in Kasson, but everywhere. Right or wrong, it happens!! I don’t think the council needs to be burned at the stake. How many people were there? 40? That is a far cry of how many people voted in favor of these three. I think and I also here in town that people have said it is about time someone does something. Don’t think because 40 people show up and the Post Bulletin runs a story that it is the majority. I just don’t think it is the case. So people start to get frustrated and then they start throwing stones at what somebody looks like or what they wear. That is what I have a problem with. It just doesn’t offend everyone. If you are you have that right, but most of us are not. This is a hard working community and I have lived here all my life and I have seen good councils and bad ones, and some people dressed up and some never did. Just shouldn’t be the issue


  8. I attended the meeting. The lack of respect in dress was simply a reflection of the lack of respect the council has for our community. It was also apparent to me there was a complete lack of respect for the employee and his family. The decision would not have changed but no one said ( even though who opposed the action) “We are sorry for the hardship this will cost the employee and his family.” This reflects on the lack of leadership we have. Most important is we lack vision. All we see is agendas, vendettas and fear of personal failure. No vision. No respect. No leadership. Even worse is no trust. So next is our Fire Department and the Police. Really? Servants who willingly put their life on the line will be censured? When I left the room I said loud enough for them to hear that I was ashamed. As the shameful three left the building I told each one what happened was a shame and I was embarrassed. In the last week I find my feelings unchanged. What’s worse is there is NO HOPE a change is forthcoming in the near future.


  9. The mayor is up for reelection in 2016, as are council members Coleman and Eggler. Till then, I’ve heard of people ready to challenge the legality of these last minute actions and the way meetings were called. If you want hope for the future, ensure Coleman and Eggler, should they run, are reelected. That means NOT having ten candidates for two city council positions. The 35% of the votes that Buckhead and Borgstrom received was certainly not a mandate. We need one mayoral candidate to rally around, too. Mayor McKern has a good ring to it.


  10. Michael Kenyon, When you suggest Coleman and Eggler be re-elected, I don’t think you are considering the part they played in creating the mess that the city now enjoys. They voted to spend money on the Folksted garage, allowed Shopko to build in a city park, and antagonized the buyers of the old school needlessly, and spent recklessly. The reason there were 10 candidates for the last election had everything to do with how Coleman and Eggler performed as City Council Members. They appear reasonable now in comparison, but we can do better. Mayor Mckern does have a nice ring to it.


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