Scattered Thoughts….

I was talking with a friend of mine the other day, this friend lives in a different town, and this friend says to me, “Kasson has taken the title from Wabasha County as having the most dysfunctional government!”  Gee, there is something to be proud of.  What I can’t figure out is why the three amigos don’t see this.  Don’t they know everyone in SE Minnesota is making fun of us?  Don’t they care?  Heck, it isn’t even SE Minnesota.  I have heard from people in Kansas and Colorado asking what is going on.  With today’s social media, this news is traveling far and wide.

Mr. X made a comment about city administration staff sitting quiet and letting this council blunder through things.  I talked with a city staffer (not someone from city hall) who had been told by one of these administrative folks that they were instructed to not speak during meetings unless asked a direct question.  Seriously? I’m assuming the three amigos were getting tired of being confused with facts.  They try to act like they know everything and when it is pointed out they are wrong, they get angry.  However, this led me to another question about how the hand off went when they took over.  I was able to find an answer to this when I ran into former mayor Nelson at Hardware Hank a few days ago.  I asked him what information he shared with the incoming mayor.  He said he sent Steve Johnson an email after the election and offered to sit down with him to talk through what was on the plan and to answer any questions he might have.  The answer from Johnson?  “No thank you.”  I guess this means he knows everything.  Google will be out of business soon!  I was shocked.

Were you at the last Council meeting? Did you watch the video?  Chris McKern got up and asked some very, very good questions.  Questions that demand answers.  I’m looking forward to tonight’s meeting as I am hoping the mayor and council have answers.  If they don’t, I think that will say a ton about their character.  This should be good.

This is a lot of scattered thoughts, but I needed to just start typing.  I hope to see you at tonight’s meeting.


One thought on “Scattered Thoughts….

  1. I too am looking forward to the meeting tonight. Chris McKern asked some of the same questions I have I’d the council and I have yet to get a response! Should be interesting.
    Your scattered thoughts are shared by many of us in the community.
    I also have been questioned by many out of towners as to what the heck is going on. Sad part is I can’t give a good enough answer since I don’t really know what the agenda is on the council’s part.
    Anyway, people of Kasson, please keep coming to the meetings! The moment we have only a handful of us there I have a feeling feces will hit the fan!


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