Laws? What Laws?

Our new “Fire Department Investigative Committee” was supposed to meet on Monday. Everyone else met, just not the committee.  Seems councilman Borgstrom was just too busy to notify anyone, except his committee members.  This is both overly arrogant, and unprofessional.  Of course, this resulted in another less than flattering article in the Post Bulletin.  But, let’s back up some here.  At the last council meeting Chris McKern asked Borgstrom why he had not responded to the questions McKern asked two weeks ago.  And, why he had not answered the email McKern had sent him asking for answers.  Borgstrom’s response? “Uh, I don’t look at that email.”  Excuse me? You are a servant to the public. Your email address is published. You need to be doing what you can to communicate with the public!  Right in the council agenda it says something about “questions from the public will be responded to within two or three days.”  This is a disgrace!

Wait, though, it gets better. Now we find out the Fire Department Committee did meet.  Yes, they did! In Borgstrom’s garage. Just the committee members, no public.  YOU CAN’T DO THAT!! The City Attorney even said so.  The laws apply to you, too, Mr. Borgstrom!

This would be a good time for Mr. Borgstrom to admit he was, and is, wrong and step down.  I would be willing to bet Mayor Johnson knew all about this, too.  You can’t condone something like this.  Mayor Johnson, this would be a good time to step down, too.  The time of evening scores with people you don’t like has come to an end.  Let’s face it, this council is an embarrassment to our City.

The real problem is, the businesses who were looking at Kasson, have now moved on to other cities.  Mayor Johnson says he has received phone calls from other cities telling him he is doing a good job?  Yeah, I’ll bet, from other mayors thanking him because businesses that were looking at Kasson have moved to them.  It’s all very sad and it is time for it to end.


3 thoughts on “Laws? What Laws?

  1. I live outside of city limits, therefore cannot vote on a lot of city positions but I am just embarrassed at how our newly elected council and Mayor who have turned our town upside down. I have lived here my whole life and never have I seen this as bad as it is now. You need to come down off your pedestal, follow rules like everyone else, and turn our town back to a wonderful place to live because this is a great town to line in but you are putting us to shame. We have one of the best school systems around and awesome community involvement but you have tarnished this.


  2. To the Author:
    Keep on sharing the truth!

    I know that keeping your anonymity is difficult this day and age, and writing this blog takes up a good bit of your time… but keep on fighting the good fight. People need to know what’s going on.

    I wish you and all of the GOOD people of Kasson the best of luck in moving forward.

    To the Public.
    Stay involved folks, or it will get worse.

    Thinking back to Animal Farm, and other famous dead guys I’m reminded of these two quotes:

    -“The fate of every democracy, of every government based on the sovereighty of the people, depends on the choice it makes between these opposite principles, absolute power on the one hand, and on the other the restraints of legality and the authority of tradition!” – Lord Acton.

    -“Those in possession of absolute power can not on only prophesy and make their prophecies come true, but they can also lie and make their lies come true.” – Eric Hoffer.


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