Which Direction?

Back in January the Newly Elected Three fired the City Administrator and boldly stated “We are headed in a new direction.”  Now, 10 months later, many are wondering if any of the three know how to read a map.  No one seems to know what direction we are headed in.  It has become painfully clear the new direction has nothing to do with saving money.  These three are spending money like crazy! Since January, the fine folks of Kasson, the taxpayers of this community, have paid our City Attorney $86,000!  Yes, that is correct $86,000!!  And, we are not done.  At a recent meeting the 3 Amigos agreed to pay another attorney $150 an hour to defend them for firing Tom Ricke.  We all know that move was indefensible, so I’m sure WE will be paying a settlement on top of the attorney fees.  Now we have hired a new city administrator at, roughly, the same pay as we were paying Randy Lenth.  Unfortunately, the new administrator has nowhere near the experience Randy Lenth had.  I hold nothing against her, but she has an uphill battle to fight. Remember there were two candidates for this job.  Mike Martin was the other candidate, with far more experience, plus having worked in Kasson for the past 10 years.  It will be interesting to see if there is any fall out from that decision.  I have not spoken to Mr Martin, but I have to wonder if he isn’t upset by the fact that Judy Ruport was part of the selection committee.  She was not a fan (and was very verbal about it) of Mr. Martin during the whole Shopko deal.  I would think as soon as Mr. Martin put his application in, the mayor would have removed Mrs. Ruport from the committee.  That whole “conflict of interest” thing.  Think there might be yet another lawsuit waiting to happen?

So, what direction are we headed? I think everyone, including the Anointed Three, are clueless.  We have a council member ordering city staff to repair pot holes on private property, we have another council member holding illegal meetings in his garage and a mayor who puts out a list of facts that is nothing but a list of lies.  I’m not sure what direction we are headed, but I know I don’t like it.  Here’s an idea; how about the council member who ordered the repairs on private property offer to pay the city back for those repairs?  And how about the council member who held the illegal meeting in his garage offer to resign?  Those two gestures would go a long way to restoring our faith in our elected officials.  These folks need to remember they work for US, and not for themselves.


2 thoughts on “Which Direction?

  1. Jesus, really?? Talk about a witch hunt. You are getting old and believe it or not, not everyone was a fan of Randy. No, I did not really agree with some things the council has came up with, but I certainly did not like it when Randy and his cronies were on the council either. I certainly didn’t start a blog constantly witch hunting the council. You know what I did? I voted, and I voted to change what was in there. So you know what I suggest you do? Vote!!! When it is time for it, you can go and vote against who is in office. Until then, I suggest you live with what the MAJORITY of voters wanted, a change. It just seems like a complete poor loser. You have every right to share your blog, but maybe you can find some positive writing in the middle of your rants. It would certainly look a little better. I think the last regime overspent tax payers dollars. So who is right? We all have opinions. Bottom line is we live in a great town, with great people. Can you let me know what the last regime did wrong or where they overspent. I bet you could, but instead you want to play this dumb game of pointing fingers of three certain people. I know all of them and really know they care about this town. I don’t know you because you remain anonymous. Which is fine, that is your right to do so. But you really write some petty and ugly things. Get out there and Vote, and try to get your people elected. That is just some advice from a Kasson resident who has lived here for over 40 years.


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